Zabriskie Point Reloaded
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Curated by Emily Barsi, Rhizomatic Project Space, Amsterdam.
August 2011

Robert Pettena’s Zabriskie Point Reloaded exhibition was based on musical research into different types of art performance. A drummer was trying to keep the beat, completely enclosed in a wooden box. A DJ, sitting precariously directly on the top of the box, played frantic sounds, trying to follow the drummer’s beat The vibrations created by the drummer kept interfering with the DJ's set. The musicians were continuously searching for a dialogue throughout this extreme situation, attempting to find a common point where their two largely contrasting realities met and connected. The result was a kind of jam session where their musical dialogue met and clashed, in a cyclical way. Rhythms, sounds and surreal video images drew us into loops of different perceptions and dimensions of space and time.

The exhibition and performance was part of the artist-in-residence programme at Rhizomatic Project Space.

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