Yellow Submarine

Palazzo Bottigella Gandini, Pavia.
June 2014

By now the scenery rubble was stacked on a raised platform built from parquet floor with holes in it. There were piles of sawdust, nails and more nails on the long boards. A small yellow fully equipped structure, long hidden within the maze like passages of the palace, emerged into the auditorium. Steps led down from a manhole to the operative centre, which had an old periscope and console for modulating sound in space. Images of other residences lay hidden within the palace. Paths along the horizontal axis invited the two legged to participate in sessions created in far off lands. Spectators could sit in the submarine, that had been navigating underground until it popped up for a little holiday in the palace in Pavia.

Shadows interwove between the axes of the turret, perhaps hiding a workshop where sweet and cruel sounds were created? Real and imaginary figures flitted by, whispering echoes to each other.

© Robert Pettena 2022