Working & Insider

Curated by Marco Scotini, Stazione Leopolda, Spazio Alcatraz, Firenze


This was a project that involved the whole district and particularly the Anconella centre for the aged. The structure of the gasometre is reminiscent of the circular Globe theatre in London. Projector screens were suspended from iron bars, thus creating a circular wall that became a space, a page, onto which people could project what they had written or could navigate as if they were on a satellite, taking photos of the earth from every angle.

Le porte

The area on top of the four gates to the city of Florence: Porta Romana, Porta San Frediano, Porta a Prato and Porta San Niccolo, could be used as laboratories for developing audio experience: live set, musical experimentation and sound installation. These spaces high up above the city could be used as sound workshops in direct contact with the city traffic noise rumbling below.

Le mura

A troupe of free style acrobats bring new life to the empty ancient city walls through a series of performances. They use the walls as an observation point from which they can control the city below them.

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