Quite Quiet

Rites and Rythms, curated by Emily Barsi, Galleria Studio Gennai, Pisa.

The video camera follows four separate people, moving through the forest, each listening to their own music on their ipod, each unaware of the others, moving to the syncopated rhythm of their music, totally absorbed by their natural environment, deeply involved with the forest.
Another video camera focuses on a drummer performing on a platform high up in the trees.

The four tracks of music, in the four separate videos, combine into one piece of music when projected onto the walls of the gallery. A fragment of the natural environment, the drummer sitting on the platform in the tree, has been transported into the gallery to perform with the four videos.
The videos come to represent an artificial fragment of reality. But the drummer on the platform in the tree in the gallery is an actual fragment of the performance in the forest.

Yet he is completely out of place in the gallery. Reality becomes artifice while reproduction shows what is real. The roles have interchanged in some kind of a short circuit, as if the drummer orchestrated the whole performance, playing in the tree, keeping the four different realities together and dialoguing with them. Then a new element is added. City life comes to the gallery in the form of a DJ, who adds his live set into the music, jamming with the drummer and the forest performers.

Special thanks to the performers: Claudia Mannelli , Silvia Di Marino, Jacopo Jenna, Gioia Di Biagio.
With the collaboration and post production of Gioia Di Biagio.
Thanks also to the great musicians: Ugo Nativi and THX.

© Robert Pettena 2022