Quattro Venti

Curated by Letizia Ragaglia, Manciano.

The actors for the first project conceived for “Four Twenty” were picked from a local band, who played in a concert in the fountain the middle of the town. In this instance the project didn’t only focus on a paradoxical performance, but also demonstrated how the local people were prepared to take part in a game. In the same way the local librarian was also prepared to take part in an event in the old carpenter’s workshop in the centre of Manciano. Places come alive through unusual actions: a huge electric saw was cutting up mountains of old books, bringing a sort of unconscious obsession to life.

In the little village of Poggio Murella, in the Manciano area, there is a centuries old tradition: nearly everyone plays a musical instrument. Changing the venue for the performance brings out the different talents of each musician and provides a new kind of spectacle for the audience.

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The town sawmill has started working again and the Manciano's chief librarian starts his new job, diligently sawing up the books that the people of Manciano have not read.

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