My Land


City gent on his tractor drives round the Fucecchio hippodrome as if he were traveling ?on the road? coast to coast.

Fucecchio racecourse; a race on a caterpillar tractor; a jockey who looked like a Tartar and worked full time in Milan promoting high fashion. In his little bits of free time he returned to his native town, San Miniato, where he stayed in a new lookout tower with a view of the whole area below. The horseman from the remotest part of the Caucasus was at peace in this familiar feeling natural environment. The horse race on the old caterpillar tractor slowed the jockey down, while travelling round the circuit led to a reflection on life and internal metabolic rhythms. There’s a deep understanding between man and his horse, in perfect synchrony, orange memories, green landscapes, catwalk lights. The tractor made a harsh, jarring sound as it travelled along the edge of spirituality, but the noise the caterpillar tracks made blended together with some Middle Eastern songs to create a slightly hypnotic state. So the unending cycle of life oscillated between metallic cacophony and sweet, soft song.

© Robert Pettena 2022