Little Fish

On-Off, curated by Chiara Chelotti, Galleria La Corte Arte Contemporanea, Firenze / And Dance Around in Your Bones, curated by Daniele Perra, Galleria Interno & Dum Dum, Bologna.

Video projection of my little brother in a saucepan of boiling water, an image reminiscent of the fifth episode of Pasolini's play, Pilade.

I see a group of little houses, hemmed in by high fences, and in their midst, steam rises from a boiling saucepan. In the water, half hidden by the swirling steam, I dimly perceive the form of a body: not a beast, a lamb or a suckling pig; no, it is a boy, a little naked boy.

Pier Paolo Pasolini in “Pilade”

© Robert Pettena 2022