La Scacciarella

Torrefazione Bronzi, Montevarchi.
September 2016

An escape from tension, a refuge, a functional centre for chance encounters or programmed meetings, in a place full of echoes of atavistic memories that reside in unsettling places. Following on from the artist Robert Pettena’s research into the explosive industries of Dynamit Nobel, the poetic journey of Chiara Macinai was a reflection on the balance between technological progress and ethical responsibility.

A reading from Albert Camus’s Les Justes: the Just is a story about a group, through the words of individuals as they grow up, confronted with the reality of every day life in contrast with the utopia of another life that they could live. All sorts of things come to the surface, such as games, love, ethics, resignation to the emptiness of every human action.

*Scacciarella (from the hunter’s vocabulary) = method of hunting thrushes and blackbirds which is done using a row of posts towards which the beaters walk, driving the birds ahead.

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