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We Have Nearly Lost Control, curated by Mike Watson, Macro Asilo, Roma.
27 October 2018

The performance that took place at the Museo Macro was inspired by Greek/Roman fighting traditions. Eight couples took part. Each member of each couple tried to gain possession of their adversary's testament, an object which passed between one member of the group to the next continuously, as in a relay race. The messenger with the testimony become the vehicle through which knowledge is imparted, thus changing the fate of the country. Each performer, in an attempt to dominate their adversary, tussled animatedly between moments of calm. The continually changing nature of the fight evolved into a kind of erotic game, like the hallucinatory state of the lovers in the desert in Michelangelo Antonioni’s film, Zabriskie  Point. This power game continued to play out through an infinity of plots in which each attempt to exclude the other leads to a persistent undulatory movement.

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