Check Point
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FunCity, curated by Gabriella Serusi, GAS, Torino.

Gabriella Serusi: What have you been trying to do for some time with your videos, photos and performances? Have you been trying to blow the system up or do you just want to give us a nervous breakdown?

Robert Pettena: 
Which system? Every system comes to an end, falls apart, transmutes;
It’s much better to make a chess board from the broken pieces of rubble. (Long life milk doesn’t taste of anything, or rather it all tastes the same)
I’m not trying to reject the system but I’m fascinated by these decadent times of decline, intolerance and utter boredom. I’m interested in outbursts from people who want nothing to do with the system.
Rhapsody of a silent soul who emits little explosions, reflections on a social state that the person doesn’t feel they belong to.  Like a foreign organism that lives in your thoughts but not in your madness.
People who look absolutely normal have their moments of schizophrenic and intermittent rebellion. Violent actions separate an individual, accentuating all the worst aspects and heaviness of a society in pain. For a moment his real self can breathe.
Sporadic cries of rebellion, the tight clothes that don’t belong to me, shoes that are too small that hurt my feet but I have to wear them and take a pain killer, I’ll get used to it…but not for ever.

© Robert Pettena 2022