The Eternal Internet Brother/Sisterhood, curated by Angelo Plessas, Castello Malaspina, Fosdinovo.

Poor little persecuted and tortured Aloisia, whose freedom loving spirit continues to haunt the Malaspina Fosdinovo castle.
She refused to bow down to the rules of the convent and become a nun, although imprisoned within its walls.
The cardinal's red vestments are filled with Aloisia's erotic passion and her endless fight. The church failed in their their attempts to redeem her.
There is a presence in the castle that has been walking about endlessly, talking playfully about the codes of conduct that constricted her, as though to exorcise the shadowy memory of the unfortunate girl and to return to the so-called friendly network of "the eternal internet brotherhood."
The coexistence of Institutional container and network content, of significance and meaning, demonstrate that within real creative coexistence, the instruments and the technology of freedom and the rules/regulations that are imposed cancel each other out in a fraternal dialogue.

It's interesting to hypothesise in the present, that a historical memory changes continuously as people attempt to reconstruct past events which are obscure and spiral away in the light of past generations.
It's difficult to share every individual experience. It is often difficult and unpleasant to jump off the initial cliff but, like giving birth, the result is often a pleasant surprise. So for example the red blood of the bull fight becomes a barbarous sharing between spectator and spectacle.
How can we exorcise a terrifying and exciting popular custom without cancelling the end result?
Perhaps by sharing something positive, in a safe, neutral environment, using external stimuli to bring about a new consciousness about life experience and past events.

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